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Bahnhof大街 1/5
第 1 天Germany Switzerland
Frankfurt>Zurich> Lucerne
Depart from Frankfurt and head to Zurich. This is an intoxicating city, known for its good quality of life, and the idyllic waterfront offers beautiful natural scenery and an ideal place to relax. Visit [Zurich Cathedral], [Zurich Lake] and [Bahnhof Street], arrange free activities according to the situation, then visit Lucerne to visit [Cabelle Bridge] and [Lion Monument] and stay in Lucerne or its surrounding hotels that night.
酒店:Hotels in or near Lucerne 或 同级
万国宫 1/4
第 2 天Switzerland France
After breakfast, head to Geneva, which has the "International City" and "World Watch Capital", and visit [Lake Geneva], "Palace of the Nations" and "Flower Clock". Then proceed to the [Nanasi Town] in the south of France, which is known as the “Alpine Balcony” and is one of the most beautiful towns in the Alps. Then head to the hotel in Valence or its surroundings.
酒店:Check in or around Valence 或 同级
圣母大教堂 1/4
第 3 天France, Spain
After breakfast, head to Avignon, a world famous historical city, in the heart of Provence, also known as the "Church of the Pope." It is also home to the Avignon Theatre Festival, a world-famous theatre festival, which is a sacred place for theatre lovers every July. Visit the Cathedral of Our Lady, the Rock Park, the Palace of the Pope, and the Broken Bridge. Then head to Barcelona or its surrounding hotels.
酒店:Stay in or around Barcelona 或 同级
奎尔公园 1/3
第 4 天Spain
当天可选择换乘 西葡循环线
The enthusiasm of Barcelona is one of the most popular cities for travellers. After breakfast, visit Barcelona all day, visit [Quier Park], [Peace Gate], [Olympic Port], [1992 Olympic Stadium] and [Mira House], and arrange free activities afterwards. Stay in Barcelona or its surroundings for the night.
酒店:Stay in or around Barcelona 或 同级
兰布拉大道 1/3
第 5 天Spain France
After breakfast, visit the "La Sagrada Familia" with the neo-gothic style, the familiar Labrador Street and the Plaza de Catalunya. Then head to the hotel in or around Montpellier. (Please note: Due to the implementation of crowd control and queues in Sagrada Familia, if you want to visit the church, you are advised to book your tickets online in advance at 9:30 am. Be sure to contact the tour guide in advance to purchase the tickets in advance. The tour guide may adjust the itinerary according to the time.)
勃艮第公爵和政府宫殿 1/5
第 6 天France
After breakfast, head to Lyon to visit the classical and romantic [Old Town of Lyon], [Baileyo Square] and [Cathedral of Saint Jean]. Then come to Dijon, the famous historical and cultural city of France, and visit [Duke of Burgundy and Government Palace], [Notre Dame] and [Freedom Square]. Then proceed to Dijon or its surrounding hotels.
酒店:Stay at or near Dijon 或 同级
第 7 天France Germany
当天可选择换乘 东欧瑞士循环线
After breakfast, head to the town of Colmar, the most romantic fairytale town in France, and admire the charming scenery of the town. Then return to Frankfurt. The trip is over.
酒店:no 或 同级
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