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Bahnhof大街 1/5
第 1 天Switzerland
Frankfurt>Zurich> Lucerne
Depart from Frankfurt at 08:00 to Zurich, the city with the highest happiness index, visit [Zurich Cathedral], [Zurich Lake], [Bahnhof Street], arrange free activities as appropriate, then travel to Lucerne, sightseeing [lion monument] and [kabel bridge】. Stay overnight in Lucerne or its surroundings.
酒店:Hotels in or near Lucerne 或 同级
列支敦士登邮票博物馆 1/3
第 2 天Switzerland Liechtenstein Austria
Lucerne > Liechtenstein > Salzburg
After breakfast, drive to the stamp kingdom - Liechtenstein. This is a small and wealthy country known for its beautiful scenery, tax havens and high standards of living in the Alps. After visiting the [Liechtenstein Stamp Museum], drive to Salzburg, the home of the great composer Mozart, visit the Mirabell Garden and the Mozart House, and stay in Salzburg or its surroundings at night.
酒店:Or hotels near Salzburg 或 同级
史蒂芬大教堂 1/4
第 3 天Austria
Salzburg > Vienna
After breakfast, head to Vienna. Vienna is a world-famous cultural city with the reputation of “the capital of music”. Many musicians have spent most of their careers here. So far, there are their handwriting and musical scores in the museum. Visit [Schönbrunn Palace], [ The Austrian Parliament Building, [Stephen's Cathedral], [Hofburg Palace], after staying in Vienna or its surrounding hotels.
酒店:Vienna or its surroundings 或 同级
布达皇宫 1/4
第 4 天Hungary
Vienna > Budapest
After breakfast, head to Pandorf's designer outlets for an hour or so (in case of Sundays, holidays, cancel the station), then head to Budapest. Budapest is one of the outstanding examples of the world's urban landscape. It is “Paris in Eastern Europe”. In the eyes of the French, “the quietest capital in the world”, take a tour of the Danube River and visit the [Heroes Square] and [Fisherman Fortress] 】, [Buda Palace], [Magash Church]. On the banks of the Danube, you can enjoy a drink and a light meal, making you feel like a paradise. Stay in a hotel in or around Budapest in the evening.
酒店:Hotels in or around Budapest 或 同级
圣维塔大教堂 1/6
第 5 天Hungary, Czech Republic
Budapest > Prague
After breakfast, head to the world's first city in the world designated Prague as a World Heritage Site. Nietzsche thinks it is a mysterious representative, and Goethe says it is the most beautiful city in Europe. Visit [St. Vitus Cathedral], [Charlie Bridge], [Golden Alley], overlook the entire Golden Prague in [Prague Castle], and finally go to [Prague Square] to watch the [Prague Astronomical Clock] hourly hour to complete the day. Stay in Prague or its surroundings that night.
酒店:Hotels in or around Prague 或 同级
博物馆岛 1/7
第 6 天Germany
当天可选择换乘 北欧峡湾循环线
Depart from Prague in the morning and visit Dresden for the Church of Our Lady, Zwinger Palace and Semper Opera, due to the mild climate and suitable location of the city, as well as the exquisite Baroque on the Elbe The building makes Dresden the name of "Florence on the Elbe". Afterwards, visit the capital Berlin to visit Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Berlin TV Tower and Berlin Wall. In addition to being remembered by history because of political factors, Berlin is also deeply impressed by the inclusive and inclusive style of multiculturalism. From high-end cuisine to high-end fashion, from fashion interpretation to high-end culture, Berlin has always been a paradise for luxury lovers from all over the world. Stay in Berlin or its surroundings in the evening.
酒店:Hotels in or around Berlin 或 同级
勃兰登堡门 1/3
第 7 天Germany
Berlin > Frankfurt
After breakfast, continue to visit the capital Berlin, visit the [Capitol], [Brandenburg Gate], [Jewish Holocaust Monument Group] and other attractions, return to Frankfurt after the tour, the end of the trip (expected end time 19:00).
酒店:no 或 同级
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