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第 1 天Germany, Denmark
Berlin > Rostock > Copenhagen > Night Cruises (Copenhagen to Oslo Cruises)
Departing from Berlin at 7:30 in the morning and passing through Rostock to Copenhagen. Then take a DFDS cruise to Oslo and overnight cruise. *The whole choice of single rooms does not include cabin accommodation for single rooms, the cabin defaults to four-person cabin, there may be heterosexual housing. If you need to upgrade, you need to pay extra, the price can be found at your own expense. If the number of upgrades is not met, the difference will be replenished.
奥斯陆歌剧院 1/2
第 2 天Norway
Oslo > Hemsedal
After breakfast, head to the Norwegian capital and the largest city of Oslo to visit one of Oslo's landmarks, the Vigeland Sculpture Park. More than 600 human sculptures in the park showcased the master Gustav Vigeland for over 20 years. The crystallization of the heart and blood, focus on the theme of "life", where you can stroll through the art park to see the world. Then go to the [Oslo Opera House], the appearance of the line is simple but full of design, the combination of marble and glass roof makes her look from a distance like a glacier floating on the sea, elegant and spectacular, can also walk on the roof of the opera house A panoramic view of Oslo. Overnight at Hemsedal or its surroundings.
酒店:Hotels in or around Hemsedal 或 同级
弗洛姆高山铁路 1/2
第 3 天Norway
Hemsedal>Flåm>Midal>Flåm>Gu Dewangen>Worth
After breakfast, head to the town of Flåm and take the [Flåm Alpine Train] to experience one of the most beautiful train lines in the world, Flåm-Midal, for about 2 hours. The entire 20-kilometer railway line runs through the mountains of Norway, and you can feel the beauty of the wonderland while sitting in the train. After returning to the town of Flåm, head to Gudwangen. You can take a cruise at your own expense (about 1.5h) and enjoy the world's deepest and longest fjord [Songen Fjord], which is preserved in the world by National Geographic and Travel Magazine. The best and most worthwhile tourist fjord is the first place in the world. It is picturesque and picturesque. Pinghu, the mountains and the waterfalls are so impressive. Stay in or near Voss in the evening.
酒店:Hotels in or around Voss 或 同级
努尔黑姆松小镇 1/4
第 4 天Norway
Voss>Bergen>Nur Hemsson>Edfjord>Yelou
Today, I will travel to the ancient city of Bergen [Bergen], which is known by many as the most beautiful city in Norway. It is not only famous for its history, but also has theaters, music, dances, etc. It is the capital of European culture and the largest and most beautiful harbor on the West Coast. . There is also the [Hardanger Fjord] of the Norwegian Orchard and the [Nur Hemsson Town] located in the mountains, followed by the [Hardanger Plateau Nature Center] and [Edfjord Lake] ], stay in Yelu or its hotels in the evening.
酒店:Hotels in or around Geilo 或 同级
奥斯陆市政厅 1/3
第 5 天Norway
Geilo > Oslo
After breakfast, return to Norway's capital, Oslo. Visit the magnificent [Oslo City Hall] and the beautiful relief murals in the hall. In the [Oslo Palace] feel the heavy historical monuments of Norway in the 19th century, the Akershus Castle on the seafront overlooks the whole city center of Oslo. Stay in Oslo or its hotels that night.
酒店:Oslo or its surroundings 或 同级
哥德堡大教堂 1/2
第 6 天Norway, Sweden
Oslo > Gothenburg > Malmo
After breakfast, proceed from the hotel to Sweden's famous tourist city, the scenic harbour city of Gothenburg, to the Gothenburg Cathedral, which stands on the Masthugget hills, to the Götaplatsen square in the cultural center of Gothenburg, where there are often some grand events. In the cultural activities, the fountain in the center of the square stands the Greek statue of Poseidon, made by the Swedish sculptor Millus. Stay in or near Malmo in the evening.
酒店:Hotels in or around Malmo 或 同级
阿美琳堡宫 1/4
第 7 天Sweden Denmark Germany
Malmo > Copenhagen > Rostock > Berlin
当天可选择换乘 东欧瑞士循环线
After breakfast, head to Copenhagen, the famous fairytale capital. For the first time, I experienced the scenery of Northern Europe. I saw the charm of the bronze statue of [The Pier Park] and the "Little Mermaid". It was quiet and elegant, but with a touch of sadness in my eyes. There is also the main palace of the Danish royal family, the classical architecture - [Amalienborg Palace] and the colorful [Newport], after which they return to Berlin and the journey ends.
酒店:no 或 同级
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